Why Evolution Branded Clothing?

A reputation built on relationships

Background: From the dinner table to the dance floor

Evolution was started back in 2006 from the humble beginnings of a computer and vinyl cutter on the dining room table in Jay’s house.

Jay had worked in the print industry for many years, and decided that it was time to break out on his own to allow him to do things his way, whilst spending more time with his ever-expanding family.

The dining room table was upgraded to a garden office in 2007 to accommodate the fast growth of the company, along with the addition of embroidery and full colour printing to the printing arsenal. It wasn’t too long before Evo had outgrown the garden office, too, and had to move to its current premises: a large industrial unit, boasting 3 separate functional rooms, separating the embroidery, print, and office areas.

Kiki joined the Evo team in 2013, enriching the business with her bubbly personality and infectious sense of humour. Her broad experience of the print and embroidery industry is probably worth mentioning, too. Kiki and Jay continued the “Great Journey”, transforming Evo into the successful business it is today over the course of the last few years. Evolution’s client base now numbers over 1500, and the company has an outstanding reputation for one-to-one customer service.

Outstanding, personal customer service

Evo aspires to achieve a gratifying experience for customers of all sizes that we feel other companies often lack, by providing one-to-one service to be proud of, offering “no minimum order” on simple jobs and providing a fast turnaround of 7-10 working days. We’re also very relaxed with our working hours and will gladly talk to customers at almost any time of day if it helps to alleviate their worries.

Since its inception, Evo has only had a select few members of staff through its doors, not because we’re a horrible company to work for (we hope!), but simply that we believe every employee must have a passion for the company and the work we do that really enhances the workplace environment, the business itself, and most importantly, the customer’s experience.

// Meet the team

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  • // The big wig

    Jason Sutton

    Jay hasn't written his bio yet. Silly Jay.

    Jason Sutton Evolution Branded Clothing
  • // Centre of communications

    Kiki Laker

    I first walked into Evolution back in 2013 when I needed a few t-shirts printing, and I've pretty much been there ever since! After working in the industry a few years prior I was once again excited by it and instantly wanted to work alongside Jay in what was a great and still growing business. The vibe is relaxed, even when we're super busy, and the professional relationships I've built over the years with clients makes it a joy to walk into work each day.

    Most of the time I answer the phone I'm attempting to mask a laugh.

    Kiki Laker - Evolution Branded Clothing
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