Big Show Guarantee terms & conditions

For our Big Show Guarantee orders you must be aware of the following information.

We will do our best to meet our client’s deadlines, but sometimes, on rare occasions, factors beyond our control impact on our ability to fulfil orders. Stock levels, wholesaler dispatch mistakes and delivery problems can arise, which are factors beyond our control. In the event of such occasions, sometimes we have to make decisions on behalf of our clients to ensure that we’re always doing our utmost to fulfil the order. This can mean substitution of garment brands and size changes. We will always try to find the time to get approval from our clients for these changes, but as you will be aware, this is not always possible.

When entering into a Big Show Guarantee order, you must accept these conditions and take this in to consideration in the event of ultimate problems with orders. We ask that you appreciate the effort we will go to meeting your order when discussing remedy of such rarely occurring scenarios.

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